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          Dry-type transformers

          Safety and reliability is the basis of the electricity
          • Epoxy resin cast dry-type transformers
            This series of product is characterized by small partial discharge, low noise, less loss, good heat dissipation, strong dust prevention capacity, strong capacity against sudden short circuit, and high overload capacity. It is mainly applicable to commercial building, high-rise, airport, industrial and mining enterprises, power plant, petroleum platform, subway, tunnel and other important places with special fire prevention requirements. It can be also used together with the switch cabinet to compose of box-type substation.
          • Class-H insulating impregnated dry-type transformers
            This series of products have NOMEX insulation system of DuPont Company, whose thermal rating is H. It is characterized by safety, reliability, energy conservation, environmental protection, fire and explosion prevention and simple maintenance. Its partial discharge, loss, noise and other performance indicators are superior to domestic standards. It is applicable to installation at humid environment and places with high fire prevention and large load requirements.
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