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          Special transformer

          Solid profession comes from the deep precipitation after tenacious perseverance
          • Rectifier transformer
            DC power supply is widely applied in metallurgy, electrochemistry and transmission industries and in industrial field, most of the DC power supplies are abtained by transforming AC power supply to the required DC power supply through rectifier transformer and rectifier elements. There are two funcions of rectifier transformer: one is to change voltage and the other is to change the number of phase. Multi-pulse waves can be formed through phase shifting, so as to improve power quality and prevent power grid from being polluted by harmonic wave.
          • Electric furnace transfer
            This series of products adopt high-quality silicon steel sheets according to strictly regulated operating technology. Lamination of iron cores adopts 450 three-level whole inclined joint, imperforate colligation, screw rod connection and draw plate clamping structure. The surface is coated with No.7110 paint and coils adopt high-quality oxygen-free copper low color line and high-quality wires including Dupont materials. New-type structure is adopted for the winding of high and low voltage coils, so as to increase anti-short-circuit and shock resistance ability of the product. The product is widely applied to the fields of nonferrous and ferrous metal smelting as well as non-metal smelting.
          • Mining transformer

            Mining flameproof mobile substation is composed of mining flameproof dry-type transformer, high-voltage load switch used for mining flameproof mobile substation or high-voltage vacuum switch used for mining flameproof mobile substation as well as cable connector used for mining flameproof mobile substation, low-voltage feed switch used for mining flameproof mobile substation or low-voltage protection case used for mining flameproof mobile substation. Protection properties such as electric leakage, earth leakage lockout. overload, short-circuit, over-voltage, under-voltage. etc.

            KBSGZY series of mining flameproof mobile substation is the complete set of mobile power supply and transformation equipment used under coal mine well. It not only is applicable to the well and mine environment with explosion hazard due to existing of methane mixed gas and coal dust, but also is applicable to the gas and steam environments which are insufficient to corrode metal and destroy insulation.

          • Prefabricated substation (European style box changes)
            YB □ series prefabricated substation is one complete set of power distribution equipment which integrates medium-voltage switchgear equipment, transformer and low-voltage power distribution equipment according to a certain connection scheme. This series of prefabricated substation is applied to 10kV and 20kV 3-phases AC systems with rated frequency of 50Hz, living quarters, mansions, hotels, large-scale construction sites, high-rise buildings, industrial and mining enterprises and temporary construction places with the capacity configured as 2,500kVA and below. It not only is applicable to looped network power supply but also is applicable to radial-type terminal power supply.
          • Wind power dedicated box-type booster substation (American type wind power box changes)
            YB □ 40.5/0.69 series of wind substation is the dedicated power transformation equipment which boosts 0.4-0.69kV voltage generated by wind turbines and then outputs through grid-connected way. It is the new product which is specialized in wind power generation and customized according to the requirement of domestic wind power generation market by our company. Its appearance conforms to the trend of wide-range construction of wind power plants throughout the country and it is the ideal supporting product which integrates reliability, safety, practicability and economy for wind power generating system.
          • Wind power dedicated box-type booster substation (American type wind power box changes)

            In contemporary society with worldwide energy crisis and strong environmental protection consciousness, improvement of energy utilization efficiency and development of renewable energy sources, with no doubt, have become the two aspects of sustainable development energy. Besides, wind energy. which attracts more and more people' s attentions, has become one of the "green energies" with large scales and development and application prospects. Approximately 20% of solar radiation received by the earth can be transformed into wind energy and all energy consumption can be fulfilled if 1% of total amount of wind energy throughout the world can be used for power generation. Therefore, as the main form of wind energy utilization, wind power generation has been developed rapidly in the long run.

            Under normal circumstances, the outlet voltage of wind power generating unit adopted by our country is 690V and long-distance power devilry can be realized through pressure boosting. In wind farms, cable is generally adopted to connect the wind driven generator to the wind power dedicated box-type booster substation; the power is delivered to the central substation of the wind farm when it is boosted to 40.5 (12) kV; after that, power is further boosted in the central substation and then be delivered to the power grid; unit wiring of "one transformer for one machine" is adopted for the combination of fan and box-type booster substation. The 40.5kV wind power dedicated box-type booster substation designed and manufactured by our company has been operated in network in wind farms of Inner Mongolia, northwest China, etc.

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