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          Wind power dedicated box-type booster substation (American type wind power box changes)


          YB □ 40.5/0.69 series of wind substation is the dedicated power transformation equipment which boosts 0.4-0.69kV voltage generated by wind turbines and then outputs through grid-connected way. It is the new product which is specialized in wind power generation and customized according to the requirement of domestic wind power generation market by our company. Its appearance conforms to the trend of wide-range construction of wind power plants throughout the country and it is the ideal supporting product which integrates reliability, safety, practicability and economy for wind power generating system.

          • Execution standard
          • Model
          • Performance
          • Parameters
          • Appearance
            • JB/T10217-2000 JB/T10217-2000 Combined transformer
            • GB1094.1~2-1996 Power transformer
            • GB3804-1990 3~63kV AC high-voltage load switch
            • GB7251.1-1997 Low-voltage equipment in set and controllable equipment: Part I: Set equipment for model test and partial model test
          • Environmental conditions
            • Altitude: ≤ 2000m (it is designed for the second time once it is above this scope) ;
            • Scope of environmental temperature: -40℃ ~+40℃ ;
            • Relative humidity: The average daily value is not above 100% and average monthly value is not above 90%;
            • Earthquake intensity: 8° (Twelve-level standard in China) ;
            • Outdoor air speed: Not above 50m/s; air pressure: 100kgF/m2 ;
            • Sewage resistance level: Level IV sewage area ;
            • Installation area: Outdoor area without fire accident, explosion danger, conductive dust and chemical corrosive gas ;
            • Ice coverage thickness: 10mm.

            Structural features

            This series of product box is divided into front and back parts; the front belongs to the high/low-voltage operation partition. High-voltage partition is composed of the high-voltage terminal and load switch, non-load voltage regulation separate switch, inserted fuse, pressure release valve, oil temperature meter, oil level meter and oil drainage valve; low-voltage partition is composed of low-voltage terminal. The back belongs to oil filling box and heat radiator; the transformer winding, iron core, high-voltage load switch and protective fuse are installed in the oil storage tank. The box of windpower transformer is in the double-layer door sealed structure; there is no dust-proof unit in the ventilation outlet—it can effectively prevent sandstorm, rainwater and snow and realize a protection level of IP54.

            Performance characteristics
            • Small volume and compact structure: only approximately 1/3 of domestic box-type transformer with the same capacity;
            • Whole sealing, complete insulation, insulation distance required and personal safety is reliably guaranteed;
            • The transformer adopts high-quality silicon steel sheet material and through optimal electromagnetic design, both its no-load loss and load loss are lower than like products; as a result, adequate utilization of wind power is guaranteed to the largest extent;
            • As to safety and high-voltage part, load switch + fuse combined apparatus are adopted so that transformer can be protected rapidly and reliably; as to low-voltage part, circuit breaker or knife fuse switch can be adopted as the master switch to configure small-capacity transformer which provides 0.4kV illumination and overhaul power consumption of box-type transformer and wind tower;
            • High-temperature resistant and strong overload operation ability .
          • Feature and performance form of transformer
            Items Unit Parameter value
            ModelFeature and performance form of transformer
            Maximum work voltagekV40.5
            Rated frequencyHz50
            Rated volumekVA80-2500
            Voltage ratiokV38.5±2*2.5%/0.69
            Connection groupD,yn11
            Impedance voltage4.5%-6.5%
            Voltage regulation modeNon-excitation separate switch
            Transformer oil45# oil in Karamay
            Rated work frequency withstanding voltage in short termkV85kV/1min
            peak lightning withstanding voltagekV215
            Cooling modeONAN
            Protection level of crustOil tank: IP68; box: IP54
            Temperature increaseKCoil: 63K; top oil: 53K
            Idled current%0.6%
            Noise leveldBNot above 50dB

            Performance form of load switch of high-voltage equipment
            Items Unit Guaranteed value
            Voltage levelkV40.5
            Maximum phase-to-phase voltagekV40.5
            Maximum phase-to-ground voltagekV23.4
            Rated work frequency withstanding voltage in short termkV95kV/1min
            peak lightning withstanding voltagekV200
            Rated currentA630
            Withstanding current in short term (effective value: -10 cycles)20kV/2s
            Rated connection/disconnection capacityA630
            Resistance of main loopμΩNot above150
            Machinery lifeTNot less than 20000

            Performance form of high-voltage fuse
            Items Unit Guaranteed value
            Rated voltagekV40.5
            Rated currentA100
            Rated frequencyHz50
            Rated connection/disconnection capacitykA40
            Rated current of fuseAOptional between 20-63A

            Performance form of high-voltage lightning arrester
            Items Unit Guaranteed value
            Rated voltagekV51
            Sustainable operation voltagekV40.8
            Reference DC voltagekV73
            Leakage current under 0.75U1moμANot above 30
            Residual voltage under 8/20μS nominal discharge currentkVNot above 134
            Current of 2000μS square wave (amplitude)ANot less than 400
            Impact withstanding current of 4/10μS large current (kV)kVNot less than 65
            Partial discharge volume under 1.05UCless than 14PC
          • Schematic diagram of typical plan
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