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          Wind power dedicated box-type booster substation (American type wind power box changes)


          In contemporary society with worldwide energy crisis and strong environmental protection consciousness, improvement of energy utilization efficiency and development of renewable energy sources, with no doubt, have become the two aspects of sustainable development energy. Besides, wind energy. which attracts more and more people' s attentions, has become one of the "green energies" with large scales and development and application prospects. Approximately 20% of solar radiation received by the earth can be transformed into wind energy and all energy consumption can be fulfilled if 1% of total amount of wind energy throughout the world can be used for power generation. Therefore, as the main form of wind energy utilization, wind power generation has been developed rapidly in the long run.

          Under normal circumstances, the outlet voltage of wind power generating unit adopted by our country is 690V and long-distance power devilry can be realized through pressure boosting. In wind farms, cable is generally adopted to connect the wind driven generator to the wind power dedicated box-type booster substation; the power is delivered to the central substation of the wind farm when it is boosted to 40.5 (12) kV; after that, power is further boosted in the central substation and then be delivered to the power grid; unit wiring of "one transformer for one machine" is adopted for the combination of fan and box-type booster substation. The 40.5kV wind power dedicated box-type booster substation designed and manufactured by our company has been operated in network in wind farms of Inner Mongolia, northwest China, etc.

          • Execution standard
          • Model
          • Performance
          • Parameters
          • Appearance
          • Null
          • Environmental conditions
            • The temperature of surrounding air is not above +40℃ ; the minimum temperature of surrounding air is -25℃ ;
            • The altitude is not above 1000m; once specially ordered transformer and low-voltage components are adopted,the altitude can reach 3800m;
            • Area with a vertical inclination of not above 5° and without violent vibration or impact ;
            • Air humidity is not above 90% (+25℃ ) ;
            • Gas area without conductive dust, explosion danger, corrosive metal or electrical components ;
            • The outdoor air speed is not above 35m/s.
          • Pre-assembly substation in YBF-40.5(12)/0.69 series
            Name Unit High-voltage electrical equipment
            Rated voltage High voltage sidekV 40.5
            Low voltage side12,0.69
            Auxiliary loopV110,220,380
            Rated currentHigh-voltage loopA400~1250
            Low-voltage loop630~3150
            Rated frequencyHz50
            Rated volume of main transformer kVA1250,1600,2000~20000
            Rated insulation level High voltage side Work frequency kA95
            Low voltage side Work frequency42
            Rated withstanding current in short term High voltage sidekA 20,25,31.5
            Low voltage side25,31.5,40
            Rated withstanding current in peak High voltage sidekA 50,63,80
            Low voltage side63,80,100
            Transformer insulation level Work frequencykV 65
            Insulation level of auxiliary loopkV2
          • Main wiring plan figure of YBF-40.5(12)/0.69 series of pre-assembly windpower substation

            Main wiring plan figure of YBF-40.5(12)/0.69 series of pre-assembly windpower substation
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